Saturday, November 19, 2011

Buying a Corn or Wood Pellet Stove

Both the corn pellet stoves and the wood pellet stove are very energy efficient as the burning of the fuel is almost total emiting very little smoke. Not only are both kinds of stoves ecologically friendly, they are also convenient. Turning one on is really straightforward, as they can be started by either pressing a switch or changing a thermostat. Many are convinced that even if you intend to use wood pellets you should consider a corn pellet stove too, as there may be instances when wood pellets are in short supply. You could then drop by a pet or feed store to purchase a bag of corn feed making it simpler to get the fuel wanted to heat your home.

Depending on your personal heat settings, you would pour a bag of wood or corn pellets into the hopper every few days and that is it it. If you actually use the corn pellets, then you will probably have to wash the auger and draft fan more often as the corn is stickier. It is recommended you should try to purchase a stove that has the battery back-up option, as electricity is used to run the feed augers, blower and combustion air fan. Then, in the case of a power failure, the stove would immediately battery power. Pellet fireplaces stoves burn more effectively than the normal wood burning stoves and fireplaces and create less ash, making clean up a little easier.
Since they are clean burning they allow for improved air quality and most wood pellets are actually made from the waste material that comes from wood processing that would otherwise be useless and a waste. The wood pellets require less space for storing and are far easier to handle than firewood and they typically come in a 40 lb. Bag which makes it simpler to transport and store. For example, there's some noise involved although most claim that the dull constant rumble does not really annoy them. And, since the stove is electrically powered, it will raise your electrical bill and if there's a power cut, then you will be left without heat. Wood pellets can be way more costly than firewood so that adds to the price of running the stove. For more corn pellet stove information and other energy saving technologies.

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